Collecting Memorabilia

What’s that Card Worth?

A lot of people like to collect baseball cards. And like most things you collect, the longer you keep them, the more valuable they become. But how do you find out what all of the cards in your collection are worth? There are a few factors that determine how much a card is worth: The player on the card, what type of condition the card is in and how rare and hard to obtain the card is. There are plenty of appraisers and books you can take your cards to in order to find out how much your collection is worth before you decide to sell them. Find out more about how to make money collecting cards at

Building an Autograph Collection

So you want an autograph from your favorite players? How do you go about trying to collect these autographs? Well, it’s a lot easier than you might think. Of course, you can go to games and see if you can’t get them to sign a ball, t-shirt or other items that you can keep and treasure forever. But there are also plenty of places online where you can buy them and stores and conventions that sell autographs from just about any athlete you can think of.

Collecting for Fun

It’s was once one of the more popular things for sports fans to do, but  –– even though the number of people who collect sports memorabilia have started to decline in recent years –– there are still plenty who do it. One of the all-time favorites to collect for those who just like to have fun with it has always been trading cards. You can collect them, trade them with friends and try to build up a collection that include everyone from your favorite teams, all of your favorite players at the college and pro level and have the best collection of any of your friends. Find out what the state of collecting is today at

Collecting for Profit

Since people still love collecting memorabilia for fun and try to build a good group of keepsakes to remember with their favorite teams and players, it’s still a pretty good option for you to get into collecting these things in order to turn them around and sell them back to others to make a profit. Dealers buy and sell others jerseys, autographs, equipment and just about anything else you could think of for your favorite sports. Find out what’s hot at
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