Training to Play

The Right Equipment

There are plenty of different pieces of equipment you need to have in order to be ready to play baseball, and it’s even more important to make sure you come equipped with proper working equipment. Things like bats, balls, gloves and protective equipment like helmets, catcher’s gear and cups are some of the absolute essentials that you need for any team when you go to play the game if you want to do it the correct (and safest) way. Bringing the right equipment will make the game even more fun. Find out what you’ll need at

Workout Programs

When it comes to training to get ready for a baseball game or a season as a whole, it’s important to understand that it’s not all just about lifting weights. Training for baseball is quite different from training for football and basketball and other sports. There’s a high focus on conditioning and making sure you’re in proper shape with good cardio workouts in addition to your weight training. And it’s important to mix in baseball-specific exercises, like throwing and hitting drills, while you’re working out to prepare for the season ahead. Here are some helpful drills:


So you have everything you need for the season and you’ve trained to be ready to go. What next? Now it’s time to find the right accessories to make sure you look good when it’s time to play. You can buy different types of bags to hold all of your equipment, wristbands and different types of socks. The accessories aren’t necessarily totally needed in order to play the game the right way, but they’re nice to have around to make you look good when you play the game. Find out what you’ll need to look the part at
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